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Parkside Curriculum


At Parkside Community Primary School we follow a Creative Curriculum. We integrate the separate curriculum areas into a topic, which may last for a half term or longer and which is brought alive by exciting, active learning experiences. We develop the children's independent learning skills through personalised learning; children let the teachers know what they know already about a topic and what they would like to learn. Above all, we believe that learning should be fun.  We enrich the learning with trips and visitors.


We use Read, Write Inc. to teach phonics throughout the school. We use a variety of books within our reading scheme, having arranged our books according to Book Banding.



Organisation of the Curriculum

  • We have Cross-curricular links between subjects wherever possible through topic. 
  • The Core Subjects of English, Maths and Science have various levels of challenge to stretch all children.
  • English, Maths, Grammar, spelling, computing, French, PSHE, music and PE are taught every week.
  • Some subjects are taught as blocked themed or topic work and wherever possible linked to the core subjects, for example, Geography, Science and History, where a distinct body of knowledge, understanding and skills are a main focus for a block of time.