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Parkside SpLD Outreach Service provides support under a three-tiered graduated approach. This approach is designed to prevent specific learning difficulties from escalating. In most effective schools, with timely and appropriate intervention, very few children will progress to Tier 3 support. It is expected that schools will have taken steps to identify and resolve difficulties before they access support from the Service.


Please see the Graduated Approach PDF below for explanation of the three-tier model.


Tier 1: Quality First Teaching

As part of Tier 1 Quality First Teaching, the SENCO and class teacher should have used relevant sections of the Parkside assessment packs to identify pupil needs, make reasonable adjustments and implement strategies, involving pupils and working closely with parents.


Tier 2: Targeted advice and support

Schools can access Tier 2 targeted advice sessions by phone or email. These consultation sessions provide assessments, resources and training to support the development of classroom strategies and targeted intervention for unnamed individuals or groups. It is essential that the class teacher is present at Tier 2 consultation sessions so that they take ownership of targets and strategies from the start.


Tier 3:  Specialist Support for named pupils

In a small number of cases, where pupils are making slow progress in relation to their starting points following Tier 2 advice, specialist support can be accessed using the Herts Service Request form. The SpLD outreach teacher will provide tailored advice to support inclusive teaching and intervention, target setting and reviews.  They will work with the school to ensure pupils are fully involved in the learning process and that parents are aware of targets and strategies and next steps. A discussion should have taken place with your link teacher before a Tier 3 Service Request is made.